The principle of life

When we look at creatures with the philosophy of thermodynamics , we are surprised, that there isn't any kind of  chaos, which the second law of thermodynamics predict. If we ask an expert of thermodynamics about this paradox, he would explain, that thermodynamic laws are made for closed systems and living creatures aren' t closed. This is a very good argument, but it doesn't explain, why such a high order exist. This article describes it by the concept of irreversibility .


Chemical processes in living creatures are determined by enzymatic reactions. If  we consider enzymes as normal catalysts, then also exist the dogma, that catalysts can't shift the position of a chemical equilibrium, because both directions are speeded up. However this assumption can't be correct in a complex reaction mechanism, like in the upper picture.This enzyme catalyse the synthesis of AB molecules. It changes his conformation during a complex reaction mechanism and connect  the A and B to AB. But the last step is an irreversible one, because for a back reaction, the AB molecule can connect only with one arm of the enzyme. If an enzyme speed up only one direction, it also can shift the position of the equilibrium in kinetic reasons .


The same principle is possible in an auto catalysis, in which the enzyme produce itself . This we can consider as a prinziple of live. Also here we have "chemical reproduce" in which the enzyme produce more "descendants" than thermodynamic calculations allow.
Searching in living cells for such irreversible processes, we can discuss complex mechanisms like the protein biosynthesis or the aspiratory chain and photosynthesis.


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